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Yitzchak Bier

Master Craftsman

Yitzchak Bier was well-known as a master craftsman and jewelry artist. His workshop was founded in Jerusalem over 50 years ago. Yitzchak Bier graduated from the Bezalel Academy of Art in Israel. Bier's jewelry designs are bold, unique, and highly sought after by collectors. All Bier pieces were handmade using different silversmith techniques including metal cutting, bending, spinning, lost wax casting, and hammering. He was a jewelry designer to the Israeli government making special commemorative issue coins for the state.

Israeli Jewelry

Sterling silver pendant/brooch with Carnelian by Y.Bier, circa 1969

Classic Bier designs incorporate decorative calligraphy and symbols related to Jewish folklore and customs. An example is the Jerusalem of Gold motif used in many Bier ornaments. Mr. Bier is recognized for establishing a new concept in Judaica art. There were almost no Jewish silversmiths remaining after the Holocaust. There was a need to fill the demand for silver religious items at that time. Yitzchak Bier won a special prize for an extraordinary Chanukkah Menorah which he designed. Bier Judaica pieces are heirlooms that Jewish families treasure and pass on from generation to generation. Mr. Bier's two sons, Mordechai and Meir, carried on his work for a time.

Menorah Pendant

Gold vermeil menorah pendant by Y.Bier, circa 1969


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