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Tactical Desert Scarf

Thin, lightweight, super breathable, all purpose scarf. Usually the shemagh, keffiyeh or scarf is worn around the head and covers the nose and mouth. The shemagh is very useful for fending off the desert sand, dirt, high temperatures, and strong sunlight. Suitable gear for your military loadout or for use in themed Air Soft, tactical Paintball and post-apocalyptic survival games. Made of breathable cotton blend fabric. Imported from Northwest Pakistan.

Bri is wearing a shemagh in the colors of the Afghan Flag

See our full line of new colors and patterns including hard to find Afghani style, Pakistani style, and Saudi style shemagh in our eBay store. The latest addition to our shemagh line features the vibrant colors of the Afghan flag.

Afghanistan-Style Shemagh

Rare Afghanistan Style Pattern in Olive & White

Don't be fooled by imitations and cheap Chinese knock-offs. This is the same scarf worn by Islamic warriors in the tribal areas of Afghanistan and Pakistan. There may be a stamped tailor's mark and/or slight imperfections in the weave.

A shemagh is a very useful accessory ;)


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