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Friday, 21 January 2011 11:43


Facts: Sugilite gemstone is named for the Japanese geologist who discovered the first specimens in 1944, Ken-ichi Sugi. Sugilite is known under the trade names of Royal Azel, Lavulite, Royal Lavulite, Lavulite Cybeline, and Wesselite in the gem business. Sugilite is found in Japan, Canada, South Africa, and India. An important discovery of Sugilite deposits occurred in 1975 in the Kalahari Desert of Northern South Africa. In 1979 gemologists discovered a large deposit of gem grade Sugilite 3,200 feet below the original site.

Sugilite rough

Sugilite rough specimen

Properties: Sugilite is opaque with a waxy luster. It can be a pale grayish lavender to a deep dark purple color. Sugilite often contains black matrix, reddish brown, or yellow tinged patches. Sugilite falls is about a 7 on the Mohs hardness scale, similar to Lapis Lazuli. Bright purple stones with little matrix or blotches are highly esteemed in the trade. Gem grade Sugilite is beautifully translucent, rare, and quite expensive. Sugilite from mines in South Africa is of good quality, opaque with black spots or veining. The black color is because there are inclusions of lithium and magnesium in the mines. Craftsmen generally cut Sugilite specimens en cabochon as shown in the photo below.

Sugilite cabochons

Folklore: It is said that Sugilite strengthens the heart, aids healing, reduces headaches and pain, dissipates anger, prejudice, and jealousy, lessens disappointment and shock, and reduces stress and emotional discomfort. This gemstone balances the mind, body, and spirit thus strengthening spirituality. It encourages peace of mind, a general feeling of well being, and spiritual love. The stone is useful for psychic channeling and strengthens psychic abilities. This gemstone possesses unique metaphysical vibrations owing to its atomic structure. Sugilite appears to be a protective amulet against anger and other negative energies. It is especially useful for spiritual and psychic protection of animals, pets, and children. Sugilite is sometimes known as “the healer’s stone” because of its ability to aid physical healing. Crystal healers associate this gemstone with the third eye, heart, and crown chakras.

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Eilat Stone PDF Print E-mail
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Monday, 11 August 2008 04:19

Eilat Stone

The Eilat stone is the national stone of Israel. Eilat is referred to as King Solomon's Stone. Eilat is a mixture of Chrysocolla, Turquoise, Malachite, and Azurite - all copper minerals, hence its color. Eilat comes only from one place in the world...Israel's southernmost city by the same name situated on the Red Sea. The Egyptians mined copper in the region north of Eilat  as far back as the 14th century B.C. The city is home to the site of the first copper mines in the world. These have come to be known as King Solomon's Mines. This is the birthplace where ancient man first turned mineral/stone into metal.

Eilat possess strong emotional and physical healing properties due to its atomic structure. It benefits the heart and throat chakras. This stone heals hurt, fear, stress, and loss and has antidepressant qualities. Eilat is good for the sinuses and mouth, as well as bone and tissue regeneration. It aligns the subtle bodies of the solar plexus and harmonizes heart, mind, and body. Eilat encourages wholeness, peace of mind, self-expression, and creativity. Balances yin/yang. Draws out fever, pain, and inflammation. Eilat stone is a colorful and beautiful mix of blues and greens with black and brown accents.

Hand made sterling silver Eilat brooch by Y.Bier, Israel 1969

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Guide to Fluorite Crystals PDF Print E-mail
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Sunday, 10 August 2008 01:30

Guide to Fluorite Crystals

The purpose of this guide is to present high-level information on the attributes and metaphysical properties of Fluorite. This is a generic guide and more detail can be found in many current publications. Fluorite is a common stone, principally found in the United States, China, Germany, Britain, Australia, Norway, Peru, Mexico, and Brazil. The appearance of Fluorite is generally transparent or translucent with a cubic or octahedral crystalline structure. It is generally cold to the touch. Fluorite crystals come in all sizes. Fluorite exists in various colors including purple or violet, clear, green, blue, yellow, and brown.

Fluorite is said to be a protective stone. This stone helps on a psychic level to turn off hazardous external influences such as mental or psychic manipulation. Fluorite stabilizes the human aura. Fluorite is reputed to be effective against electromagnetic stress and pollution emanating from cell phones and computers. Since Fluorite draws off all sorts of negativity, it needs to be cleansed after each use. Refer to a crystal directory for various methods used to cleanse these types of stones.

Green Fluorite

Fluorite is used as a healing stone to remove any type of negative stress. Fluorite is reported to be able to enhance spiritual awareness, intuitiveness, and psychic powers. It is an excellent meditation stone for solitary or group practice.

Fluorite has the ability to reduce chaos and increase organization, dispelling discord and imparting structure, and is connected with the notion of progress. Only Yttrian Fluorite does not correct disorganization because its internal crystalline structure is different from the other Fluorites. Fluorite can help to organize on the physical, mental, emotional, and psychic levels. Also, Fluorite is a reality stone, doing away with illusions, narrow-minded ideas, stereotypes, and limited thought patterns. Used as a meditation stone, Fluorite can help to reveal truth.

Emotionally and physically, Fluorite acts as a balancing aid. Whether you are practicing Hatha yoga or just trying to balance your emotions or life, this is the stone for you. This stone imparts stability.

Fluorite has the power to aid on the physical level, helping to heal disorders of the bones, teeth, skin, mucous membranes, and the spine. On a cellular level, Fluorite can help repair DNA. It is especially good for pain, joint disorders, rheumatism, and nerve-related diseases. It can improve acne, wrinkles, and stimulate a weakened libido.

Blue with Purple Fluorite

Specific colors of Fluorite have different properties. Blue fluorite facilitates creative clear thoughts and communications. Purple fluorite is a stone for psychic meditation and communication. Clear fluorite influences the crown chakra, the aura, and aligns the other chakras. Yellow fluorite is a stone for creativity and group meditations. Green fluorite draws negative energy from an environment. Yttrian fluorite is an abundance crystal, attracting wealth and prosperity.

Clear with Violet Fluorite

The information presented here does not intend to treat or diagnose illnesses, nor does it seek to replace medical treatment by a competent professional. Properties and vibrations of crystals are directly related to their internal atomic structure. The movement of the protons, neutrons, and electrons gives each crystal its unique vibration and healing qualities. A crystal is said to vibrate on a certain frequency and this is the source of its energy.

Source: The Crystal Bible, A Definitive Guide to Crystals by Judy Hall, 2003 Godsfield Press Ltd., ISBN 1-84181-175-0
I picked up this book when I was in Ireland and it is the best book on crystals that I have read to date.

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